In the 2016 Energy ˙ Green Development Forum on the National Energy Board, Deputy Secretary for Zheng grid Jie said that the transformation and upgrading, clean and low carbon, flexible intelligence is the main direction of the modern power industry.The above objectives should be based on the reality, that is: to gradually promote non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of the total energy consumption in 2020 to reach 15% in 2030 to 20%. To achieve this goal, the most effective way is to implement alternative energy projects, and vigorously develop new energy sources, the use of new energy-rich areas of surplus electricity to implement energy storage heating.According to the Prospect Industry Research Institute 2016-2021 China's power industry supply and demand situation and investment forecast analysis of the statistics, from 2012 to 2016 1-5 months of annual growth rate of about 5% of electricity consumption is expected in 2020 China's annual Electricity will reach 7 trillion watts. On the one hand, China's electricity consumption continues to grow, on the other hand, thermal power generation as the main source of environmental pollution continues to deteriorate, how to find a balance between the two contradictions, is the top priority in this situation, adhere to concentration and distribution Type combination of the principles of the development of new energy, prudent introduction of non-renewable energy power generation quota assessment system to ensure the healthy and orderly development of various types of power to start a new scale, it becomes imminent.Implementation of alternative energy projects, the most talked about than the wind power industry.In particular, China's wind power industry development target is 90 million KW (including 5 million KW of offshore wind power), and 150 million KW (including 30 million KW of offshore wind power) in 2020. The analysis done by the Global Wind Energy Council is expected to reach 130 GW in 2015, 250 GW in 2020 and more than 500 GW in 2030. Therefore, China's domestic market is still the world